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To Profiled Individuals

If you are listed on this website, we encourage you to keep us informed about updates to your profile, in order to benefit from the increasing exposure that our growing number of website visitors brings. Of particular value are further achievements, accolades and awards, new projects, activities and interests that you've developed. Also, web addresses are useful for visitors to find out more about you.

If you also have a website, please feel free to link to your profile on Visible Chinese by using your permalink (the permanent web address viewable in the browser address bar once you've clicked your name) in conjunction with a graphic banner from our Download page, or simply an equivalent text link.


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Contacting Listed Individuals

If you'd like to contact any of the people profiled, in the first instance, please send an email to with the following:
  1. Subject the email with "Visible Chinese Profile Enquiry"
  2. State the individual's name and permalink (the web address of their profile) in the body of the email
  3. Include your enquiry and your return address.
If the person concerned has authorised contact to be made from website visitors, we will pass on your communication.

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