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Amy Ng is a writer and historian. She grew up in Hong Kong, and holds a combined B.A. and M.A. In History and East Asian Studies (summa cum laude) from Yale University, and a D. Phil in Modern History from Balliol College, Oxford University. She was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, and a Humboldt Fellow at the European Institute of History in Mainz, Germany. She is also a graduate of the Critical Mass Writers Program at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

She is the author of Nationalism and Political Liberty (Oxford University Press, 2004), as well as articles published in the Journal of Contemporary History, Contemporanea and The English Historical Review. Her screenplay Prelude to a Feast won the Oxford University Film Foundation competition for best short screenplay. She is currently working on Shangri-La, a play investigating how the search for ‘authenticity’ on the part of western tourists can be a strait-jacket with destructive consequences on tribal minorities in rural China.

Dr. Amy Ng lives and works in London.

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Updated on 10 June, 2013


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