Aowen Jin 金翱文

Artist/Social commentator

Aowen is an artist and she exhibits globally. Her art projects explore contemporary Chinese culture both in China and Britain. She was named "one of tomorrow’s great artists" by The Times Magazine, and had her first profile interview with the eminent cult magazine Dazed and Confused before she even graduated from art school. BBC News 24 and the 'Woman's Hour' programme on BBC Radio 4 have both covered her exhibitions and artworks – along with a number of other publications.

With her unique understanding of both Chinese and Western culture, Aowen also carries out Chinese cultural research and consultancy for high profile banks around the world, helping investors to understand Chinese behaviour patterns. As an insightful social commentator, Aowen is frequently quoted by the media on issues related to China.

Aowen came to Britain at the age of 18. She studied Law and Economics Degree in Durham University, before completing her art degree in Goldsmith’s College. During her art course, she became the youngest and first foreign art teacher in Holloway Prison - the largest female prison in Europe. In her final year, Aowen was selected to produce an artwork for Her Majesty's Eightieth Birthday, along with other commissions. Her work now resides in The Queen's private collection.

Equally passionate about offering new art experiences to Chinese people: Aowen promotes the awareness of local and international art; organises art fairs and exhibitions; and holds art talks and discussions. She was made the honourable Chairman of the ‘Long Xiang’ Artists Association for her tireless devotion to art education in her hometown Luoyang/洛阳. Aowen is delighted to be part of the Visible Chinese guide because of her passion for Chinese culture.

Aowen lives in London, with regular research and project trips to China and other part of Far East Asia.

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Updated on 23 December, 2012


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