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Cheng Yu is an internationally renowned pipa and guqin virtuoso, scholar and specialist in Chinese music. She holds degrees in Chinese music from the Xi’an Conservatory of Music, China (BMus.) and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London (MMus, PhD). She performs, records and researches both traditional and contemporary Chinese music, and does cross-cultural music collaborations. She is the founder of the UK Chinese Music Ensemble and London Youlan Qin Society and currently teaches the pipa and guqin at SOAS.

Cheng Yu began studying the pipa at the age of seven and was holding her first concerts three years later. Born in Beijing, she grew up in Gansu and graduated with distinction from the Xian Conservatory of Music in 1997.

She was then selected as a pipa soloist for the China Central Orchestra of Chinese Music. For fifteen years she has been teaching the pipa and guqin and involved in research at the School of Oriental and Asian Studies in London; during the last couple of which she has been involved in a project to successfully resurrect the lost five-string pipa of the Tang dynasty.

Cheng Yu has now written and performed new pieces for the five-string pipa and the world premiere was in February 2005. She has received patents for this instrument from the Chinese state.

Cheng Yu was a Finalist for The Pearl Award for Creative Excellence in 2005.

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