Christine Lee

Solicitor and Company Director

Christine Lee is one of the most prominent figures in British Chinese society and is one of the most experienced and leading Chinese lawyers practising in the United Kingdom today. She is the founder of the renowned British Chinese law firm Christine Lee & Co; Chief Legal Advisor to the Chinese Embassy; chairwoman of the North London Chinese Association; and leader of the ‘Integration of British Chinese into politics' campaign, also known as the ‘BC Project'.

Christine has worked on some of the leading cases in the field of Immigration and Human Rights and is highly regarded as a result by her peers and the UK Chinese Community.

She has close contacts at the Chinese Embassy in the UK and also has close contacts with the Parliamentary All Party group on Chinese affairs. Her commitment and passion for the Law has propelled the firm constantly forward. Christine is a specialist in Public Law, Human Rights, Immigration and Family Law. She is a qualified solicitor and a member of ILPA (Immigration Law Practitioners Assocation).

Christine passionately believes that the Law should give a voice to those who otherwise cannot be heard and dedicates a considerable portion of her time and expertise to ensure that under-represented parts of the community find their voices. To this end, she founded the North London Chinese Association to represent and provide support to the Chinese Community in London.

Christine has led several campaigns against current and proposed government policies that directly affect the interests of the UK Chinese community and also the interests of every ethnic minority community in the United Kingdom. In addition to working with government ministers, senior civil servants and peers to further the interests of the ethnic communities in the UK, Christine also organised the first ever Chinese protest outside the Houses of Parliament. She has consistently encouraged increased participation of the Chinese community in the UK political process and has dedicated considerable time and effort into various projects aimed at politicising the generation of UK born Chinese youngsters so they recognise that they too, are stakeholders in the UK and can have their say.

One of her main projects - ‘Integration of British Chinese into politics' (the ‘BC Project') was launched on the 31st October 2006, in the House of Lords with Lady Anelay as the sponsoring peer. She launched the project with support from the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Chinese Embassy.

The project has been in the making since 2005, when Christine embarked on the campaign against the Immigration Asylum and Nationality bill, in which, amongst other measures, the government retrospectively increased the number of years before which permanent residence can be granted from four to five years. This left many Work Permit and Highly Skilled Migrant Visa holders, who had made long term commitments to the UK with an understanding that they were able to then settle in the UK, in line with immigration laws at the time, suddenly being shown the door. Another measure of the bill seriously affects the ability of the Chinese catering industry to hire chefs and fill staff shortages.

Christine explained: "as the co-ordinator of the IAN campaign, we had meetings all over the UK, in lots of different towns and cities, where we met with local Chinese community leaders and members, explaining the Bill and its aims and effects. Meeting after meeting, we insisted that we needed to use the political avenues open to us in order to have our say.

"The Chinese are generally a reserved community who have never before made public complaints to the British Government. However, for the first time in the history of the Chinese Community here, they felt a strong need to come before Parliament and enter into the public domain to register their grievous objection and strongly protest this Government Bill.

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