Dr. Henry Lee

Scientific Advisor, Chinese Medicine

Dr. Henry Lee is head of Chinese Medicine Developments, Middlesex University, U.K.; founder and chair of the Chinese Medicine Association of Suppliers (CMAS); and scientific advisor to Save China's Tigers.

In 1996, Dr Lee persuaded most major Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) importers/suppliers to form the Chinese Medicine Association of Suppliers (CMAS), to accept a Code of Practice, a strict ethical and moral policy and cites regulations concerning endangered animals that disown any process involving cruelty to animals.

CMAS actively works to protect public safety by withdrawing toxic products like aristolochia, endangered animal parts and heavy metals or products adulterated with prescribed medicine which had been very prevalent. With the support of New Scotland Yard CMAS is routing out any suppliers trading in endangered species.

Dr Lee was the Winner of The Pearl Award Special Category - The Reverence For Life Award, in 2004.

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Updated on 22 October, 2007


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