Fiona Falcone 梁藝莎

Co-Founder, PlayCantonese

Fiona Falcone is included here as the co-founder of PlayCantonese, currently the UK's only Cantonese playgroup. PlayCantonese, run entirely by volunteers as a non-profit organisation, seeks to provide a Cantonese speaking environment for babies and toddlers who can learn Cantonese through song, stories and play.

After marrying an Italian and giving birth to their first child Fiona looked around for Cantonese language support for babies. She was surprised to find no meetups, playgroups, sensory classes or music lessons in any Chinese dialect. After foreign language studies in Italian and Mandarin, she was focused on not wasting the precious time from birth to school when children soak up languages. Fortunately, her search did find the talented and highly organised Helen Lee who offered her artistic eye to work together in creating a Cantonese playgroup.

Together they are the driving force behind PlayCantonese, a collection of playgroups and meet ups aimed at creating a Cantonese speaking environment for children in London. Each PlayCantonese session leads parents and children through popular nursery rhymes, stories and games, all in Cantonese, allowing the playgrounds of Hong Kong and China to come to life in London.

While Helen Lee provides the artistic vision by providing beautifully crafted flashcards, props for games and song sheets, Fiona uses her strong business background to promote PlayCantonese and ensure enough money is brought in to afford space and materials to support our new Cantonese speakers. Luckily nearly a decade of sales and marketing experience, culminating in her current position as a sales strategy and operations consultant for a well-known global management consultancy, puts her in a good position to steer the business side of PlayCantonese. Their work is expanding to include meetups for parents and will also include music, kung fu and cookery classes all delivered in Chinese for the children.

Fiona has lived in Italy, Holland, New Zealand and China so truly understands the value of growing up in a multi-cultural environment. Her personal aim for PlayCantonese is to uphold this facet of Chinese culture within the hotpot of other cultures found in London. She hopes that she will be contributing to a generation of Cantonese speakers who can sing the nursery rhymes learnt and tell the stories heard to their own children, while fondly remembering the friends they made during PlayCantonese.

Note : If you'd like to contact Fiona Falcone 梁藝莎, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the Enquiries page.

Updated on 24 April, 2012


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