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Louise was the Winner of The Pearl Award (an annual ceremony held to celebrate UK Chinese achievements) for Most Promising Newcomer in 2006.

As a brief background about me. I was born in England. At 17 years of age I read law at Derby University and graduated with an honours degree in LLB Law with European Studies. Following a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice at 21 I was a trainee solicitor at Derby Law Centre for 2 years before I fully qualified at 23 to become the youngest solicitor in England and Wales in October 2005, as attested by the Law Society.

Despite being headhunted by law firms since winning the Pearl Award, I wanted to continue helping members of the community in need and remained with Derby Law Centre which had merged with another organisation to become a Community Legal Advice Centre in 2006. We are now one of the biggest charitable organisations with a single point of entry to generalist and specialist legal advice in 7 areas of law in the East Midlands.

I continue to practise immigration and asylum law under the Legal Help Scheme. I advise and assist clients on matters such as entry clearance, studying & settlement in the UK, and immigration appeals. My clients range from illegal entrants & overstayers to British Citizens.

In under 2 years after I qualified I was promoted to supervisor of the immigration department in January 2007. I also happen to be the youngest supervisor to have ever been promoted to this level within the organisation. I supervise other immigration solicitors to ensure casework is conducted smoothly and carried out in accordance with Legal Service Commission's specifications. I also mentor law students who volunteer in my department in their quest to become solicitors themselves.

As well as a qualified solicitor, I am also a fully accredited Level 2 Senior Immigration Caseworker and Supervisor under the Law Society's Immigration & Asylum Accreditation Scheme. This is a mark of my competence to supervise and conduct casework in my specialist area under Legal Help.

It has been a rewarding experience so far. One of my most treasured memories as a trainee solicitor was a case of a Chinese couple who had both failed in their asylum claims and exhausted all avenues to remain in the UK. The case stayed with me for a number of years and through my legal representations during this time they have since secured settlement status in the UK. I have also recently registered their children as British Citizens.

I continue to have an active interest in the community, even outside my role as immigration supervisor. I am currently a Committee Member of the Derby & District Law Society, where I represent the views of young solicitors and ethnic minorities.

As for personal interests, my first love would be traveling and eating! I enjoy traveling to the Far East and visit countries such as Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I find it breathtaking to learn about different cultures and taste local cuisines. I also have an interest in Belly Dancing as I find the dance mesmerizing. I consider myself a novice but I have taken part in performance (even a solo!) - in the name of raising funds for charity, which was fantastic fun.

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