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Mike Tsang was born and raised in London to Chinese-Mauritian parents. Being a second-generation Mauritian and third-generation Chinese, the mix of Asian-African-European cultures in his heritage and upbringing has strongly influenced his photographic work.

Mike grew up in the Harrow suburb of London and went on to study Mathematics at University before being drawn towards photography. Having always been fascinated by the range of different cultures and people that London holds, and having a strong visual aesthetic that made him pore over films and comics throughout his childhood, photography became the perfect medium through which to explore the subjects of his curiosity.

Whilst assisting fashion and commercial photographers in London and Tokyo to gain technical experience, he developed his own style and gained his own commissions.

Mike has recently completed projects on the Dinka tribe of South Sudan and a series on rare bookdealers of London. The latter was exhibited both in London's City Hall and internationally, and won the PDN Faces portrait competition in 2010. The series will also be shown as part of a group exhibition in the Barbican Library in February 2011.

Mike is also commissioned regularly for his strong portrait photography, and has photographed people as diverse as CEOs of hedge funds to actors and dancers for their promotional headshots. He enjoys working with charities and non-profits and has undertaken commissions to photograph the essential work they perform and the passionate people involved with them.

He is currently working on several extended projects alongside his editorial and commercial commissions. Most relevant is the long-term project he is beginning on the heritage and inherited values of the British-Born Chinese community in London, which is obviously very important to him from a personal as well as professional standpoint. He will also be returning to Tokyo in 2011 to start a project documenting and highlighting the under-represented Japanese minorities in Hokkaido and Okinawa.

Professional Services

Mike has photographed a wide range of subject matter from extended documentary projects for non-profits and governmental bodies, to individual portraits for editorial and commercial use. He also has a selection of fine art prints taken from his previous projects and extensive travels.

He is available on commission both in the UK and worldwide.

Live / Work Region

Mike lives and works in London and worldwide.

Note : If you'd like to contact Mike Tsang, please follow the instructions at the bottom of the Enquiries page.

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