Paul Hyu

Actor, Comedian, Chinese Elvis

In the field of British mainstream media, Paul Courtenay Hyu is blazing a trail for the British-born Chinese community. Perhaps most recognisable as AOL’s face in their ‘Chinese Elvis’ advertising campaign, he has also appeared in numerous TV shows and films such as The Bill, Casualty, and EastEnders.

Notably, Paul wrote and was associate producer for Sweet ‘n’ Sour Candy on the BBC, as well as The Missing Chink on C4, which though controversial, was lauded critically, as it was the first time a Chinese person has stated the case so powerfully on mainstream British television.

Paul has written for the Independent newspaper, and appeared on various BBC radio shows as a panelist; his main area of expertise being the lack of Chinese representation in UK mainstream media. Leading by example, Paul was the first British-born Chinese to pursue comedy and comedy writing, as well as create a youth theatre troupe aimed specifically at British-born Chinese children.

Paul was a Finalist of The Pearl Award for Media Excellence in 2006.

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Updated on 11 December, 2007


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