Rosaline Ting 陈静姗

Prior to 2005, Chartered Surveyor

In 2005, in her mid fifties, Rosaline stopped practising as a Chartered Surveyor to pursue playwriting. She is a Singaporean-Chinese living in London (a first generation immigrant) and drawing upon her multi-cultural background, she writes the untold stories of older Chinese women living away from their birth countries. In her writing, Rosaline uses a sprinkling of Mandarin and Cantonese to bring authenticity to her Chinese characters.

Her debut stage play was Journeys celebrating the courage of older women who take their own fate in their hands. Work-in-progress performances were held at Wimbledon Studio (2007) and staged readings at Tara Arts (2008) with funding from Arts Council of England and China Now Festival. Journeys was selected for the Women Playwrights’ International Conference in Stockholm in 2012, and for the ELDORADO(Hong Kong)! Festival in April 2013. A private reading was also held in New York (2012).

Rosaline’s second play, A Girl Named Shining Brightly, was selected for the prestigious Playgrounding Festival 2007 at Polka Theatre, London and further chosen for development as part of a drama project in Northern Ireland with Belfast Arts Council funding. It was also selected for E A S T showcase (a Chinese Arts Centre and Arts Council project) at Soho Theatre in 2008. The script was short-listed for Adrienne Benham Award 2009 with Theatre Centre.

Her third play, Gerbils in a Glass Cage, was supported by Stonecrabs Theatre, Tara Arts and Arts Council of England. Rehearsed readings were followed by a scratch performance at The Space near Canary Wharf in 2012.

In 2011, Rosaline’s two short plays Not Guilty Your Honour and Take Off! were respectively produced by Tamasha Theatre and Yellow Earth Theatre. Rosaline was selected for Tamasha Theatre’s ‘Small Lives, Global Ties’ writing scheme.

Prior to playwriting and while practising as a Chartered Surveyor, Rosaline wrote short stories and articles. These were published in magazines, Her World and Female in Singapore, and one was in an anthology Singa, Literature & The Arts in Singapore and here in the UK, Jennings and Sydenham Sprouts (anthology).

Besides playwriting, Rosaline has also completed the first draft of a novel. In May 2011, she was selected by B3 Media and BBC Writersroom to write a short film, Scatterings.

Rosaline is seeking funding to manifest her work which she hopes will raise the profile of immigrant Chinese in Britain and internationally.

She lives in London, with frequent visits to Singapore.

Work is portable especially to Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and also to New York, San Francisco and Toronto.

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