Steven Cheung

MEP Candidate and Radio Presenter

Steven Dominique Cheung is a British Chinese Filipino seeking support to stand in the June 4th European Election. He is the first British Chinese-Filipino MEP Candidate and the World's youngest.

Born in Hong Kong on 7 October 1989 and grew up in London with two younger brothers, Steven's father is Chinese and his mother is Filipino. His family settled in the United Kingdom in 2002.

Olympic Ambassador
Steven studied at Heathcote School, then Highams Park College, where he was electeded a Olympic Ambassador at the age of 15, shortly after London won the right to host the Games of the XXX Olympiad.

Young Advisors
Steven joined Young Advisors in Sept 2007 (age 16), he is consulted both for the local and national government (Waltham Forest Council, Department for Communities and Local Govnerment & Ministry of Justice) on youth related issues.

Radio Presenter
Steven became a presenter in Sept 2008 (age 18) for the Spectrum Radio & CY (Chinese Youth) Radio, where he hosts shows in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

BC Project
In Oct 2008, Steven joined the BC Project , an all-party organisation engaging and intergrating British Chinese into politics.

Diana Award
Steven recieved the Princess Diana Award for his work in the community in Mar 2009. He is the first Chinese known to be given the honour.

Steven is a member of the Royal Institution of Great Britain

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There is very little information on this person, especially regarding what he has actually achieved (none of the six points listed means anything substantial at all). Being the "first British Chinese-Filipino MEP Candidate and the World's youngest" does not say much about himself or his work either. I am Chinese and I support to have more Asian presence in the European Parliament, but I am not convinced he is experienced or educated enough for that yet. (In his video, he described this election process as his gap year experience...)

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Steven seems to have done quite well all considering. 4,918 votes. See full results on the bbc website: Hopefully, more Chinese will follow his example and put themselves forward.

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I've followed him during the election and I have to say his work is admirable and others like him should be given support to achieve their aims. The awards and opportunities he has been given help to encourage others in the Chinese community to make a positive impact on British Society. However I thought his ideas were very vague at best and despite having his heart in the right place, his 'manifesto' was just full of dreams but little in terms of solid plans for action and relied too much on pushing him as the 'first' and 'youngest' as being good traits for being a member of European Parliament. Now that's just wrong.

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